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Fundamental Aircraft Systems

The Fundamentals are the core Aircraft systems that allow you to enjoy flying the aircraft. We spent countless hours carefully modeling the aircraft’s architecture.  

Flight Control System

A320 signature Fly-By-Wire system is fully simulated using real-world control loops and principles. You get the entire simulation, including:

  • Normal, Alternate, Abnormal Attitude, and Direct Laws

  • Mechanical Backup Mode

  • Complete Flight Envelope protection in Normal Law and degraded operation in Alternate Law, including:

    • Load Factor Protection

    • Pitch Attitude Protection

    • Bank Protection

    • Angle-of-Attack Protection

    • High-Speed Protection

    • High- and Low-Speed Stability in Alternate Law

  • Smooth and transparent transition between Laws

  • Proper Flare Law control loop (Pitch Attitude-based)

  • Proper A320 Flight Control System architecture, including simulation of control surface aerodynamics, hydraulic actuators, electric motors, computer priority logic, and so on

  • Degraded Flight Control efficiency when surfaces become unavailable

  • Flap and Slat Control logic, including flap auto-retract and slat Alpha Lock

  • Proper spoiler management, including by-the-book retraction and extension times, delays, and limits, roll priority function, inhibitions and protections

When all of that is combined together, you get the Fly-By-Wire simulation that is second to none and feels natural and easy to fly.

Flight Guidance (Autoflight)

The Flight Guidance System has been developed from scratch to meet all the operational requirements of the A320 autoflight systems. Features include complete simulation of the system, with all Selected and Managed* modes available, autoland capability, Non-Precision Approach Capability,* and proper engagement and disengagement logics. All Flight Guidance Modes are simulated:

-          HDG/TRK

-          VS/FPA

-          NAV

-          LOC

-          OP CLB/OP DES

-          EXP DES/EXP CLB

-          ALT

-          CLB/DES*

-          LAND Modes (LOC-G/S, LAND, FLARE, ROLLOUT)


-          SRS

-          RWY, RWY TRK, GA TRK

All the control loops have been tuned for smooth yet precise operation.  Additional features include:

-          Mode Reversions

-          Speed Protection

-          FD Bars Hide/Flash Advisory

-          Smooth AP command take-over and manual command restoration

Autothrottle System is also fully modeled and supports the following modes:

-           SPEED/MACH


-          A FLOOR

Also simulated are the THR LK and TOGA LK functions.

*Functionality limited in Basic version.
** Available in Advanced Edition only

Flight Management System (FMS) (Basic)

The Flight Management System is based on Smiths-Thales FMS2 Rev2+ standard. Basic Flight Management Functions include:

-          Flight Plan Construction

-          SID/STAR/TRANS/FINAL/VIA procedure management

-          HOLD Patterns (including all entry procedures)

-          AIRWAY Management

-          Managed Speed calculations

-          Associated MCDU pages

To see the additional FMS features available in the Advanced Edition, please see Flight Management (Advanced) in Advanced Systems.

Electronic Indicating System (EIS)

Modeled after Airbus’ latest EIS2 standard, featuring new page layout and LCD display technology, our simulation closely follows the specifications in terms of sizing, color, and element placing and display rules. All of the display and pages are simulated.


Additional Fundamental Systems:

-          TCAS (includes Resolution Advisory generation)

-          GPWS

-          Air Conditioning  & Pressurization Systems

-          Fuel System

-          Ice Protection System

-          Hydraulics*

-          Electrics*

-          ISIS (Standby Instruments)*

*Some functions inaccessible in AirSimmer A320 Basic Edition. Complete functionality provided in AirSimmer A320 Family Advanced Edition.